But what exactly are the differences with each version?

This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked question we receive at MOEZ and a topic that often generates some queries. So let’s try to clarify the differences and the standard accessories for each model within the Thule Chariot range.

Let’s start with a quick overview.


The proposed versions are:

Lite – the base model
Cross – mid-range model with some more accessories
Sport – the top of the range model aimed at those who run and walk in the mountains
Cab – same features as the Cross model, but with additional space for children and cargo

The Cab version is available specifically for two children, while the others for one or two children.


Chariot Lite



Features common in with the whole range and present on the Lite version.
In addition to being built with the same materials and with the same quality, all Chariot trailers share a number of features and functions that make them undoubtedly the most popular on the market. To learn more, please read this detailed article. Each trailer is built with an aluminum structure on which a very resistant flexible canvas cover is mounted, which in addition to ensuring lightness, offers the possibility of folding the trailer to fit in a trunk or a roof box.

The front and rear wheels can be removed with a click and the inside of the folded trailer can be accommodated. The trailer is equipped with suspension for increased comfort, and the push handle is highly adjustable to suit every height. The Click n ‘Pedal system from Thule allows you to switch from a trailer to a stroller within seconds which is a real convenience.

The Click n ‘Pedal system from Thule allows you to switch from a trailer to a stroller within seconds which is a real convenience.

Among the standard equipment there is a transparent rain cover, a sun blind, a rear light and a flag to increase visibility and road presence. It is important to note that the seat belts are 5-point, the best in terms of comfort and safety. There is a neat and convenient ventilation system inside the trailer which is is adjustable as needed. In the back of the trailer we find a large pocket with an elastic net offering lots of storage space.


Chariot Cross

the mid-range model




On this version we find all the features present on the Lite model with the addition of some accessories and tricks that for some can be very useful.For additional comfort, the child’s seat is lightly padded and the suspension can be adjusted according to the load to optimize function. In the back there is a basket offering more storage space compared with the Lite version. The basket can then be hooked onto the rear crossbar to increase the stride space in case you wish to use the trolley while running. One of the most popular features of the cross version is the ability to recline the seat by a few degrees to make sleeping more comfortable for children.


La versione Sport

the top of the range model


carrellino bici thule


In addition to finding all the features present on the Cross, the Sport model offers the Jogging Kit as standard, which on other versions can be purchased as an additional accessory.

The presence of disc brakes that are operated with one hand is a stand out feature which is very useful for running or on descents. Furthermore, on this model we find the padding on the backrest and side walls openings to further increase the internal ventilation during summer.


Chariot Cab

2 XXL seats




This latest version is dedicated for those with greater transport needs. The Cab version is also suitable for taller children and its rear section is designed to accommodate larger cargo capacities, ideal for shopping for example. For the rest, the Cab shares the same features in common with the Cross model.


The only other differences between models concerns colors. In 2021 Thule introduced a new range of colors that will in all likelihood be available for a few seasons. The Lite trailer is available in the “Agave” color (light grey / green) which is very current and elegant. The Cross version is offered in two colors, “Majolica Blue“, which is darker and “Alaska“, a lighter ice blue. The Sport version, available in black or yellow (spectra yellow), has the feature of having the main aluminium crosspieces anodized in black, while on the rest of the range they are in natural aluminum. The Cab version is offered in a mix of black and dark green (cypress green).


The best selling accessories

According to our sales statistics, the most popular after market accessory is the infant sling, for those wishing to carry a newborn within the very first months, up to about 10kg in weight.

Then we have the baby supporter, which is excellent for improving comfort with extra padding and ideal for children between 6 and 18 months. Here the upper cushion can be removed to allow room for a helmet.

Very often the Jogging Kit (standard on the Sport model) is purchased later by those who took the Lite or Cross models which is not only useful for going for a run or for a walk with your children, but also for taking them on rough terrain with less effort. An accessory that is certainly not very common in our part of Italy, but worth a mention and a must for those who practice cross-country skiing is the Cross Country Ski Kit.



Here’s a quick rundown on the main details and differences:

Thule Chariot Lite

  • Foldable and transportable
  • Transformation from trailer to stroller in no time
  • Suspensions that increase comfort
  • Rain cover + Sun awning + Rear light + Flag
  • Available only in Agave color
  • Available for one or two children

Thule Chariot Cross

Everything you find on the Lite

  • Adjustable suspension
  • Reclining backrest
  • Rear bag
  • Padded seat
  • Majolica Blue or Artic colors

Available for one or two children

Thule Chariot Sport

Everything you find on the Lite and Cross

  • Jogging Kit
  • Disc brakes
  • Padded back
  • Removable side walls
  • Anodized frame in black instead of silver
  • Black or Spectra Yellow colors

Available for one or two children

Thule Chariot Cab

Everything you find on the Cross

  • Extra height space for children
  • Extra rear cargo space
  • Rigid base
  • Available in Black / Cypress Green only

Available only for two children

We hope that this guide has been a useful resource, please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, for a quote or to know the current stock availability.

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