Given the presence on the market of different systems for fixing the wheel to a frame, you will need to verify that you have the correct accessory to complete the installation successfully.

Thule has created a nice guide that you can find here.

There are three main systems available:

  • 9mm quick release skewer

This is a traditional system that is often found on racing bikes and touring / trekking bikes, recognizable by the presence of a “skewer” on the left side for rear wheel axle. Being one of the most common and simple standards, with no particular variables, you will not need to buy any additional accessories to fix the Chariot trailer to your bike. Thule already provides everything you need with the Chariot trailer kit.

  • Bolt fixing for internal hub changes

If your bike has an internal rear hub gear, such as the Shimano Nexus or Alfine, in all likelihood the wheel will be fixed to the frame by a bolt and you will need to equip yourself with a specific accessory depending on the hub you use. Thule supplies accessories compatible with Shimano and SRAM hubs. The following table should cover all cases and provide you with the compatible accessory code.

  • Thru axle

If your bicycle is a fairly recent model and equipped with disc brakes, it is likely that the rear wheel is secured with a thru axle. Almost all eBikes on the market now have this type of fixing. This standard requires more attention in selecting the correct accessory for attaching the Thule ezHitch Cup to your bicycle. You will need a specific Thule axle, which is compatible with your frame and which can perfectly replace the original axle. Here is the list of all available thru axles in the table below.

Now some pointers to help you choose the correct axle.

The simplest way is to measure your thru axle and here’s what you need to know.

To see which one fits your bike, remove it by following the instructions here.


It should be 12mm. If this were not the case it would be very strange and rare. If you have a caliper available for measuring the diameter, it is worth checking this measurement.


There are lengths that vary greatly depending on the spacing of the frame and the design provided by the frame manufacturer. The length of the thru axle should not take into account the thickness of the head. The Thule catalog includes defined sizes, such as 160mm, or a compatibility range, such as 160-172mm. Take the length measurement as shown in the figure (under Min-Max Length) and based on your measurement you should be able to select the closest and most compatible length. Keep in mind that there is usually a minimum tolerance in case you don’t find a length that perfectly matches the length of your thru axle.

Thread pitch

There are mainly 3 types:

Buy now Thule Thru Axle available.

Very often these acronyms, whole or partial, are present on the pin itself which make it easy to identify the respective standard. If not, and unless you have a tool that measures the pitch of the threads, it is better to check the technical data sheet of your bike to be sure of the thread pitch compatible with your frame.

It is worth noting that Thule accessories do not cover all market standards. Although these are very rare situations, it may happen that there is no Thule accessory that is compatible with your bike.

Once you have identified the necessary accessory, please browse our selection of Chariot trailers here



With this link you will find the all the accessories for sale.

In case you want to attach the trailer to a second bike, you will need to buy one of these.

We hope this guide was helpful. 😉

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