The short answer would be “several”, but let’s take a closer look at the question and allow ourselves some reflections.

At first glance, the price may seem quite high, but in our opinion it is extremely justified and in this article we will try to explain our reasons.

First of all, Thule has always been synonymous with quality. Starting from this, it is easy to assemble, uses top quality materials, the attention to detail and the technical characteristics make it a tool destined to last a long time. It is an accessory that works supremely well and will make your life easier.


Higher quality implies greater safety, and when it comes to our children, safety is never too much. It is made from a solid aluminum construction and resistant metals that offers considerable protection to the precious cargo.

In terms of safety, it is also worth mentioning the comparison between the trailer and push chair, to which we will dedicate a specific article.

And on the subject of safety, we would recommend getting the child used to wearing a high quality helmet from the early months and we stock a great selection of children’s helmets at our store.



Perhaps the greatest advantage in choosing a Thule trailer is having a tool with multiple uses, which simply helps everyday life and allows you to take the little ones on sporting activities.

Let’s think, for example, of cycling in the city center. You arrive at your destination and with two touches, you can covert the trailer to a stroller, light to push and spacious. It is comfortable for your child but but also spacious enough to take the shopping home.

On board the trailer there is a bar to connect it to the bike and also two front wheels for the transformation into a stroller. This is all integrated thanks to the Thule Click n ‘Store system.

For those who love walking or running (even in the mountains) there is the jogging kit, which is standard on the sport version (optional on the others). It is a front wheel, with dedicated supports, replacing the two smaller standard ones, which considerably reduces friction and allows you to more easily overcome obstacles, such as holes, bumps, roots, etc. An accessory that really makes the difference if you are running or are on uneven terrain.

The equipment levels of the Chariot start from the Lite version, passing from the intermediate Cross version and then arrive at the most complete, the Sport version. Each can accomodate one or two children. In addition we also have the Cab version, a more spacious stroller with greater rear loading capacity.

Regardless of the version, each Thule Chariot trailer is also supplied with a transparent rain cover, a sunshade, which can also function as a “mudguard”, and a red rear light to improve night time visibility.

Each stroller is equipped with grids to regulate internal ventilation, a front protective mosquito net, and suspension to improve ride comfort for your little ones. Big and small details that quickly make you realize how well thought out this product is.

Thule is a Swedish company, so inclement weather is no problem for these trailers which are equipped for any eventuality. And if you are a cross-country skiing enthusiast, there is even a special kit dedicated for you.

Are cargo bikes better than the Thule Chariot? The advantages of the Thule Chariot are the ease of transport once folded, the price is obviously much lower than a cargo bike and of course the possibility of detaching the trailer from the bike.

Once the children are grown up, it will not be difficult to resell the trailer on the second-hand market. The Thule Chariot maintains its value very well and the demand for used models is always very high, as they are difficult to source.


To summarize the features of the Thule Chariot:

  1. Quality and smart solutions (illustrated in more detail here)
  2. Built to last
  3. Lightweight to push and pull
  4. It keeps its value very well over time
  5. From trailer to stroller in an instant
  6. Transformer, it also adapts to those who practice different sports
  7. 4 versions to meet different need and budgets
  8. It folds up and is easily transported

We hope this provides you with a comprehensive overview of this fantastic and highly reputable product.

Given the numerous specifications, we have created a dedicated guide on connecting the Chariot to your bicycle here.

If your budget is tight, you might want to consider the Thule Coaster XT as well.

Here you will find all the trailers for sale at


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