To help you with your choice, we at Moez have prepared a guide with some useful ideas for alternative and original gifts for recreational riders and cycling commuters.


To help you with your choice, we at Moez have prepared a guide with some useful ideas for alternative and original gifts for recreational riders and cycling commuters.

Thule’s 6L and 8L Vital Hydration Packs, 119 euro, are perfect for short and long rides.



Thanks to the low center of gravity it has an exceptional weight distribution, with a sternum strap that increases comfort and stability on any terrain.
Convenient side pockets allow you to quickly access food, clothing or tools on the go without having to stop to remove your pack. In addition, you can remain visible in low light conditions thanks to the attachment for rear lights.


For those who use the bike for evening rides, the Ortlieb Velocity High Visibility 23L Backpack, 147 euro, is the perfect bag.


zaini ortlieb


The reflective yarn incorporated into the PU-coated fabric reflects the light from headlights. The ergonomic carrying system also makes it perfect for everyday use. In addition, the support on the closure allows the attachment of a rear light or an additional helmet if needed.


For those who choose the bike for commuting in any weather conditions but do not want to give up design and elegance, we recommend Brooks England backpacks.


Pitfield Brooks


The Pitfield, 150 euro, in particular is a versatile canvas foldable backpack whose design complements the simplicity that embodies an urban bike ride. Made of water-resistant cotton and with genuine leather trim, it has pockets and roll-top system that close towards your back, maintaining an elegant look, and keeping your belongings safe.

See all available backpacks here.


For a child, cycling is not only a great achievement for autonomy and self-esteem, but also an important goal for the development of body and mind.

REBEL KIDZ balance bikes are bicycles without pedals specifically for young children, made of metal or wood, which are pushed with the feet. Thanks to this technique, children learn to keep their balance on two wheels and learn the first rudiments of driving.

The green and pink magnesium bikes,149 euro, and green and white  Air Classic bikes, 119 euro, are available for immediate delivery.


Rebel Kidz



Another way to develop coordination and healthy child development is the scooter: it is fun, trains and strengthens all the muscles.

The Mini Micro deluxe, 89,90 euro, will take the child (from the age of 2) anywhere, thanks to the innovative and intuitive steering system by simply tilting the body. The scooter is very stable, thanks to the two front wheels, and with the easy and effective brake, the child can turn in complete safety. The steering system, invented by Micro, allows the child to learn balance and coordination while playing.



For the older children, Micro has created the MAXI version, which also has the ECO model available, the first sustainable scooter, made with recycled plastic, abandoned in the oceans. The Maxi Micro deluxe Eco platform, which represents the most important plastic part of the scooter, is manufactured from nets, fishing equipment and other plastic waste from the maritime industry. Maxi Micro deluxe Eco retains all the features of Mini Micro deluxe, now an icon and essential scooter for any child from 5 years old.


Magic Parka by Tucano Urbano, 249 euro, is the evolution of the concept of a 360 ° jacket applied to the world of cycling. Quickly transforms from jacket to poncho. The Magic Parka fully meets the standards of innovation, functionality, design and quality. Those who use the bike every day for urban mobility even on the coldest and rainy days will be happy to receive such a beautiful and practical gift.


Abbigliamento tucano urbano


The winter season for those who ride a bicycle means the cold, rain and snow. Be prepared and protect yourself while riding, especially in the city. Tucano Urbano has created a clothing line to protect urban cyclists.

Click here to buy the Magic Parka Uomo, Magic Parka Donna clicca qui.


The NANO RAIN ALPHA, 59.90 euro,  jacket is compact, light and protects very well in the rain. With its Velcro details on the wrist and the reflective inserts along the back, it is the perfect ally if you are surprised with a sudden downpour.




PANTA NANO PLUS, 44,90 euro, are very light trousers, very well built, effective in the rain and protect very well even from the wind.

Both the trousers and the jacket are then equipped with reflective inserts and created with HYDROSCUD technology patented by Tucano Urbano which makes their products waterproof and breathable.


The GARIBALDINA PLUS, 69,90 euro, cape is the right rainproof accessory that always keeps you dry and tidy. With reflective inserts, a visor to keep the face from getting wet and elastic bands to keep it close to the body, it is highly water resistant. It can be kept in a small bag to always carry with you.



Gloves are one of the most important safety accessories: even the most trivial fall at low speed should not be underestimated. In winter, however, protection from the cold and bad weather is essential.

Tucano Urbano is at the forefront in this respect, with a series of gloves that are 100% waterproof, breathable and compatible with smartphone touch screens.

Gloves have always been the classic Christmas gift.

I guanti sono uno dei più importanti dispositivi di sicurezza: anche la più banale caduta a bassa velocità non va sottovalutata.


Guanti parka lady


But for those who ride a bicycle, particular attention is needed to the technical features: Tucano Urbano’s Cabrio gloves offer protection from the cold and wet, are super breathable and compatible with smartphone touch screens.

Take a look here at the Tucano Urbano range.



When you spend a lot of time on the roads, safety is key: even a trivial pothole or slippery surface can turn a daily commute between home and office into something potentially serious.

ABUS have created a very wide range of helmets, the perfect gift for those who want to ride in complete safety. Modern, with high quality materials and a refined design, they’re a pleasure to wear.

With the Urban I 3.0 helmet, 89,95 euro, you can be on the side of safe:



thanks to the numerous adjustment possibilities, the helmet is optimal for any head shape. The integrated rear light offers greater passive safety in urban traffic. It is also equipped with a rain cover (Rain Cap) integrated into the structure of the helmet and the anti-insect net integrated into the structure.


Hydro Flask is an innovative company that supports the development, maintenance and accessibility of public green spaces by joining the Parks for All project.


Borracce hydroflack


The Hydro Flask bottle is equipped with the exclusive TempShield ™️ technology for double-walled vacuum insulation that protects the temperature for hours. TempShield ™️ insulation eliminates condensation and keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to 12 hours.

Available in a variety of different colors, from 29,95 euro.




Focus eBike


And if the occasion allows it, in our shop we have bicycles and eBikes from the best European brands, available for immediate delivery.

Probably the best gift you can get anyone this Christmas.

Are you considering a purchase but you still don’t have any clear ideas? Buy a rental coupon for one of our city or a eMtb bike. We can offer daily, half-day or multi-day rentals. Contact us for more information here.

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