There are three types of Cargo eBikes: Long Tail with sturdy and spacious rear racks, Long John with large front cargo boxes between the handlebars and front wheel, and Trike with ample front compartments and three wheels.


What are Cargo eBikes?

Cargo eBikes are pedal-assisted bicycles that make life easier. They solve many transportation problems and excellently replace cars in numerous daily tasks. With their impressive carrying capacity, they can be used to take children to school, do the weekly “big” grocery shopping, perform work-related activities, make deliveries all around the city (even in restricted traffic zones!), or go on vacation carrying all the necessary items without space issues.

There are three types: Long Tail, Long John, and Trike.

You can find them all at Moez.

Long Tail

Long Tail Cargo eBikes are characterized by a long and sturdy rear rack. It can be used to carry up to two children or an adult. It can also handle large loads for daily activities, either with specific accessories (side bags and large baskets) or by securing the cargo with straps and bungee cords. The advantage of this type of Cargo eBike lies in its ease of use, as Long Tail eBikes have similar dimensions and dynamics to a regular bicycle.

Some examples include:


La Riese & Muller Multicharger 


e Riese & Muller Multitinker.




Long John

Long John Cargo eBikes have their cargo space in front of the handlebars. It is a flat platform box that is very spacious and can be equipped with side panels of various heights, seats (up to 3) for children, canopies, or waterproof covers, accessories for dogs, or sealed containers. Although longer than a regular bike, they regain maneuverability due to a low center of gravity and a smaller front wheel for increased agility.

The advantage of these models – such as Riese & Muller Load 60 and Load 75 or Larry vs Harry eBullitt – lies in their large carrying capacity, surpassing that of Long Tail eBikes, and the modularity of the front cargo box.


Riese & Muller Load 60

Riese & Müller Load

Riese & Muller Load 75


Larry vs Harry eBullitt



Trike Cargo eBikes have three wheels, with some models tilting with the cargo box. This category includes the Babboe eBikes.

Although bulkier and less maneuverable than the previous types, they offer the significant advantage of superior stability and an unmatched carrying capacity compared to Long Tail and Long John eBikes. For instance, if you want to transport children (safely and protected from the weather), you can fit up to four in the cargo box!



At Moez, we offer a good selection of the three different types of Cargo eBikes. We can customize them according to your needs and provide a tailored quote just for you.

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