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Balance Bike Charger | Early Rider

Pedagogical aluminum two-wheel bike, designed to accompany growth from 2 to 4 years of age. The low-slung frame, with a minimum seat height of only 31 cm, provides an early start. The classic diamond construction and cold-forged forks are designed for strength and will handle whatever challenges a growing child or older sibling may throw at it.

A beautiful brushed finish ensures that the quality of the tubes and welds is always visible, and scratches only add to its character. CNC-machined aluminum hubs and axles running on sealed cartridge bearings make the bike lightweight and reduce friction.

The 2″ Vee Speedster tires effortlessly roll over everything, providing the comfort and stability young riders need. Internal cabling allows for an optional rear brake upgrade, with custom Ritchey handlebars designed specifically to fit mini V short-reach levers. As easy as riding a bike.


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