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MK1-E | Butchers&Bicycles

Just in 2017, it was voted the “Best” Cargobike in the world, and strong of this title the MK1-E lands in Italy in a renewed look. It arrives from Copenhagen and its strong points are its electric assistance, versatility and above all its revolutionary steering system.

The electric motor is all new, the most powerful of the Bosch range, synonymous with quality and performance (Bosch Performance Line CX) and the range of accessories is also completely new.

The steering system, which has made this cargo bike famous, allows the inclination of all three wheels when cornering. A detail that has an incredible benefit in terms of agility and ease of maneuvering.

But also in terms of speed, in fact, the travel of the curve can occur at the same speed as a traditional bicycle in complete safety, always assisted by the stability of the three wheels!

Available in 2 colors, black or white, with the possibility of ordering the front box in a contrasting color. As standard, it is equipped with an external 11-speed mechanical gearbox (Sram NX 1X11).

The MK1-E has been designed primarily for families with children, for whom it has been studied a very complete range of accessories.
As standard it already includes Isofix attachments for car seat and “baby seat”.

By additionally ordering a “Child Pack”, it is possible to seat 2 children from 1 to 5 years old, while by purchasing 2 Child packs, up to 4 children can be transported. 3-point seat belts are included. Very nice light package of the German company Supernova and very convenient instead is the front door of the box to simplify entry and exit from the vehicle.

Contact us to learn more about the list of all accessories, which is really long!

Are you interested?

You can contact us at any time to receive more information, a custom quote or to arrange a bike test. Butchers&Bicycles bicycles are available for purchase by order. Orders must be confirmed in advance, given the often long delivery times.
The contribution to be provided for shipping, which takes place from Denmark, is 330.00 €. At the confirmation of the order is generally required to pay a deposit. With a little extra it is possible to provide home delivery (Free in Bergamo).

Find out more about the world of Butchers&Bicycles also via hashtag #butchersandbicycles

Accessories & Upgrades

1000Wh Bosch DualBattery Technology w. 2x 500Wh - ONLY Vario version
+ 1490 €

Child Seat for Two
2x 5-point seat belts and soft cushions for safety and comfort
+311 €

Glove Box
Lockable compartment with elastic straps and cup holder
+242 €

Hood with Skyview
Water-repellent canopy for weather protection with large Skyview windows
+420 €

Flat Cover for Box
Water-repellent softcover for easy closing of the box
+182 €

Full Bike Cover
Water-repellent softcover for parking
+206 €

GPS Tracker
Invisible theft protection for your e-bike
+250 €

130cm frame lock chain
Additional security for the ABUS Shield Plus Frame Lock for double protection

Technical Details

Total Weight
49 Kg (depending on model and accessories this may vary)

Load limits
Permissible total weight: 200 kg
Max. load in box: 80 kg, Max. rider weight 120 kg

Bosch Performance line CX Gen4, 250 W (max. torque: 85 Nm)

Cut-off speed
25 km/h (Europe), 20mpH (US)
500 Wh Bosch
1000Wh Bosch (2x 500Wh) Dual Battery option

Bosch Kiox

Gear / Drive train
Vario: Enviolo Heavy Duty + Gates CDX
Automatic: Enviolo Heavy Duty + Gates CDX + Automatic shifting
Tires front

Tire rear

Double wall rims

Front: Hydraulic disc brakes, Ø180mm, parking brake, left-hand lever
Rear: Hydraulic disc brakes, Ø180mm, right-hand lever

YourPlus KeyAlike: ABUS Shield frame lock + Bosch Battery lock

Cargo Box material
ABS (body) and PC (door)

Aluminium 7000 series T6
Frame size
One size fits all (rider height btw 155 - 205cm)

Seat height
89 cm to 114 cm

Handlebar height
104 cm to 111 cm


Paypal, credit card and bank transfer

Warranty and return

Free goods guarantee and return


Fast and safe shipping around the world

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