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Thru Axle | Thule

Rear axle adapter to connect bike trailer to bike

There are mainly 3 types:

  • Syntace M12x1.0
  • Shimano e-Thru M12x1.5
  • Maxle M12x1.75

Very often these acronyms, whole or partial, are present on the pin itself which make it easy to identify the respective standard. If not, and unless you have a tool that measures the pitch of the threads, it is better to check the technical data sheet of your bike to be sure of the thread pitch compatible with your frame.

To see which one fits your bike, remove it by following the instructions here.

It is worth noting that Thule accessories do not cover all market standards. Although these are very rare situations, it may happen that there is no Thule accessory that is compatible with your bike.

Not sure which Thule axle to choose for your bike? Read this article!

Thule Thru Axle Maxle M12 x 1.75

Model n: 20100799

174 o 180mm
Model n: 20110731

192 o 198mm nero
Model n: 20110732

209mm nero
Model n: 20110736

217 o 229mm nero
Model n: 20110739

Thule Thru Axle Syntace M12 x 1.0

Model n: 20110729

Model n: 20100765

Model n: 20110733

217 o 229mm
Model n: 20110737

Model n: 20110755

Thule Thru Axle Shimano M12 x 1.5

159 o 165mm
Model n: 20110730

Model n: 20100766

172 o 178mm
Model n: 20110734

Model n: 20110735

Model n: 20110738


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