Riese & Muller Culture rosa e panna

Riese & Muller Culture: a lightweight and elegant ebike for the city

The trend of lightweight ebikes has become prominent. These electric bikes, with reduced weight compared to traditional ones, offer freedom[...]

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MOEZ affissioni Trafec Frecc_8

Winter on eBike: Battery Care, Cleaning, and Safety

“I won’t touch the bike until at least March!” How many people surrender to the first winter chill, enduring endless[...]

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MOEZ Kalkhoff Entice Endevour Pedalato _10

eBike Kalkhoff: Top-Quality at an Affordable Price

With over 100 years of tradition, Kalkhoff is a leader in producing high-quality and affordable city and trekking eBikes.  [...]

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Early Rider: the best bikes for your children, now available at Moez!

By their own admission, Early Rider doesn’t make kids’ bikes; they produce premium bicycles in sizes tailored for the youngest[...]

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Multicharger Potafiori_6252

Cargo eBike: The Perfect Ally for Freelancers.

If you’re a craftsman, a freelancer, or you run a company, you’ve probably already considered how to deduct costs and[...]

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Lightweight, agile, and stylish: Meet the new Riese & Muller Culture

The Culture, the latest addition to the Riese & Muller family, boasts innovative, youthful, and essential design. It prioritizes lightness[...]

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Screenshot 2023-09-20 155822

Interview with Sandra Wolf, CEO of Riese & Muller: the future is on two wheels!

During our visit to Eurobike, the most important bicycle industry trade fair held in Frankfurt, we had the pleasure of[...]

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MOEZ Riese & Müller Load spesa esselunga pedalato_5

Discover Your Perfect Cargo eBike: Find the Ideal Fit for Your Needs!

  There are three types of Cargo eBikes: Long Tail with sturdy and spacious rear racks, Long John with large[...]

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Thule Chariot Cab: The multisport trailer with extra space.

Specially designed for busy and dynamic families, the Thule Chariot Cab is an incredibly robust and comprehensive trailer, equipped with[...]

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MOEZ R&M Multitinker Family Pictures_1

Riese & Muller Multitinker: High Load Capacity with Minimal Bulk

The Riese & Muller Multitinker is a LongTail cargo eBike designed for families and urban environments. It is extremely easy[...]

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