MOEZ specializes in the sale and rental of eBikes in Bergamo and its province. The project was born from the desire to promote cycling culture in Bergamo, taking advantage of the solutions that eBikes can offer, also breaking down the last barriers that had previously made cars and mopeds the preferable mode of transport. The store is strategically located in the center of Bergamo, precisely to offer itself to an audience that is perhaps still new to the world of electric assisted bicycles.

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Quality first. In our shop, located in central Bergamo, we deal with major brands in the eBike sector, mainly equipped with Bosch, Shimano and Brose motors, which have always been synonymous with reliability and top-level after-sales services.

We offer city bikes to simplify your commutes and save you time. Or touring bicycles for longer distances and holiday trips. And E-Mountain bikes for nature lovers and thrill seekers, including customizable components thanks to the custom program for those who are not satisfied with factory builds. And then there are the E-Cargo bikes for the family and city couriers, scooters, including electric scooters and a wide selection of accessories and clothing, always offering our customers the best quality at the best price.

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Rental Bikes

A fleet of bikes is available for those who want to discover Bergamo and its valleys while having fun riding high-end electric assisted bikes.

We offer half day rentals, and special prices on consecutive days. In addition to city bikes and eMTBs, full suspension eMTBs are also available for the trails of Orio Gravity Park.

Upon request we can arrange a drop off and collection service to your hotel or other accommodation.

We offer a professional eBike Rental service for those who likes to discover Bergamo and its surrounding in the easiest, quicker and funniest way. Our fleet of eBikes is composed by city and MTB assisted with Bosch and Shimano engines.
On request is possible to arrange the delivery and pick up of our eBikes by your Hotel or B&B.
Contact us for more details or visit the dedicated Rental page here.


Thanks to our qualified mechanics and two operating offices, we are able to provide any type of service on your eBike, both mechanical and electrical, even if they have not been purchased directly from us. We offer a full range of services and assistance on all types of batteries and transmissions. From routine services to brake bleeding, fork overhauls to battery regeneration and digital diagnostic services.
Our centrally located shop in Largo Rezzara is ideal for simpler repairs, while bigger jobs are more convenient at our Cicli Corsa Snc workshop in Via Lorenzi 16 with private parking facilities.

Guided Tours

Thanks to our expert and certified guides, we are happy to organize customized tours designed according to the needs of each group. From visits to the city focusing on history, architecture and art to itineraries immersed in nature and the lush green hills that surround Bergamo. The cycle paths of the Brembana and Seriana valleys are perfect by eBike and ideal for those who want to spend an active day out of the city.

And for those looking for something more adrenaline fueled, there are the trails and paths of the Parco dei Colli and Colle Maresana. Thanks to the commitment of Gravity Orio Park, Bergamo offers more and more alternatives for enduro riders.

Corporate Rentals

For hotels or companies that need to solve transport issues, we offer fully customized packages.

Long-term rental plans that include in-house assistance, replacement bikes in case of maintenance and the possibility to redeem or upgrade models upon expiration of the supply period.