It was 1971 when Michael Zane invented the first u-lock, aware of the need to protect bicycles and spread the word on his travels in the USA.
And here begins the long history of Kriptonite and its motto “on a mission to innovate” that accompanies each product. Of course, in forty years a lot has changed both in cycling and in the safety sector, but the historic brand has always been recognized for its creativity and innovation. The results were immediately evident, among well scored tests, increasingly attentive coverage programs, positive reviews and great satisfaction from cyclists.

Today Kriptonite offers over 120 locks with differentiations and specifications for every need. But what further distinguishes Kriptonite locks is their THEFT INSURANCE OFFER, better known as the ATPO program, with which registered customers can receive a refund in the event that their bicycle is stolen.

How does it work? First you need to purchase a Kriptonite u-lock or chain identified with the ATPO initials and register online on the website within 30 days of purchase. Registration costs vary for the security rating level and coverage time you choose, ranging from zero to $ 29 (for maximum security rating and for a 5-year term). All the tables showing the coverage parameters, the reimbursement rules and registration costs can be viewed on their site.

It goes without saying that it is definitely worth it, especially if we think about the value of our bicycles and all the inconvenience that a theft would entail. It should also be emphasized that everything is managed entirely by Kriptonite without the intervention of any insurance company.

At this point all that remains is to choose your preferred lock and start riding without any worries.





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