Of course, sometimes we find ourselves commenting on one of those images coming from Copenhagen where there is a line of cyclists longer than the cars stopped at traffic lights and under a snowstorm.

But as we know, the cycling and urban culture of the north is different and making comparisons is perhaps not helpful. But the lesson we can draw is important and the key to reading this article could be one of the most famous “sayings” coming from Scandinavia:

There is no good or bad weather, there is only good or bad equipment.

This is a saying that would be good to treasure, also because it is extremely true and current.


Even here in Italy we are now starting to realize how difficult it is to travel by car in cities and urban environments. The costs associated with the use of a private car are often not justifiable. And therefore with great pleasure, we are observing an increase in the use of bicycles even during the colder months.

We are not here to convince you that it is right, or preferable, to ride your own bike or eBike in winter. But if you are going to do it, know that it is probably simpler than you think, especially if we equip ourselves with the appropriate clothing and the right accessories.

You may experienced how unpleasant it is to be caught off guard in a downpour.


For this reason, we recommend Tucano Urbano clothing which is perfect for all types of weather.

Started in 1999 in the province of Milan, Tucano Urbano markets clothing and accessories products to lovers of two wheels, especially in the urban environments. They initially focused clothing for motorcyclists and garnered acclaim in this sector. More recently, a product line has been created for cyclists, thanks to the experience gained in the motorcycle and urban fields. A collection of truly intelligent, multi-functional and “smart” products with particular attention to design and functionality.


For example, the Magic Day rain jacket, for men, and Magic Parka for women, can be transformed into a full rain cape; perfectly casual when closed, absolutely waterproof when open.



No matter the weather, never get caught out unprepared in the rain.

The registered Tucano Urbano HYDROSCUD®️ system ensures waterproofness and breathability. The garment guarantees water resistance from an internal membrane and specially coated fabrics, with taped seams and a waterproof hood. Breathability is ensured by the membrane and the ventilation systems positioned on the back and under arm holes.


Alternatively with the Garibaldina Plus you can be on the safe side: rainproof, ergonomic and perfectly adaptable to the handlebar of most bikes. Garibaldina has useful reflective inserts and a nice hood to defy any rain storm.



Inside you will find two elastic rings created to hug the thumbs or a handlebar to stretch the cape in such a way as to allow water to drain away. There’s a neat carry case with elastic and velcro, very useful for fixing Garibaldina to the frame.


To keep your hands warm on the bike, even when it’s cold, we recommend the Tucano Urbano City handlebar grip covers.



These waterproof grip covers have an outer neoprene coating and a thermal faux fur lining. The reflective strips on the outer edges optimize visibility.


To carry your child on the bicycle seat in winter, the Opossum thermo shell, compatible with front and rear bicycle seats, is for you.


Tucano urbano


Invented by a mother for her daughter, it has become a fundamental accessory for parents who do not want to give up on 2 wheels with their children.

Opossum thermo shell allows you to protect them from wind, cold and rain. In addition, it also transforms into a child seat cover, so that it is always dry and ready for use.


So no more excuses not to ride a bike when the temperatures drop.

In short, Tucano Urbano clothing solves the problems of those who have chosen to travel the city by bicycle, even during the winter.

Discover the Tucano Urbano clothing range available at moez.it.

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