Flyer Upstreet1


This model is the perfect commuter bike and we have turned it into an attractive special edition. Following the dictates of kustom kulture, we’ve chosen to abandon the rear rack and mudguards, exposing its ample tires: we chose Schwalbe Super Moto-X in a beefy 2.4″ width.



In order to not go unnoticed, the front light is repositioned lower, with a dedicated light mounted almost flush with the wheel, while the rear light is replaced by a more compact element with the cable routed inside the seatpost, for maximum aesthetic cleanliness. Both are Supernova LED: the top for visibility and safety.



The minimal and clean aesthetics of the Flyer, in its matte black finish, are complemented with a saddle from the British manufacturer, Brooks. Made from high quality leather, these are durable, elegant and timeless.



There are many excellent features that made us choose the Flyer Upstreet1 as an irreplaceable companion for the city. The standout features are the easy handling, even on the narrowest paths, and being able to get on and off the bike without any hindrance. And, with its compact size, you can easily park it wherever you want.

The Upstreet1 has a practical one-size-fits-all philosophy: the geometry fits anyone between 150 and 190 centimeters tall. The saddle and handlebars can be height adjusted in two quick and convenient toolless steps, thanks to the Speedlifter Twist Pro.




The quiet and efficient Bosch Active Line motor is combined with the capacious integrated Bosch PowerTube battery, which is easily removed in a few simple steps and alternatively, it can also be recharged directly on the eBike. You will not need to recharge the battery more than once a week.



Finally, the hydraulic disc brakes and the Shimano Nexus internally geared hub take the stress out of chaotic city riding, guaranteeing powerful braking and agile restarts.

Stand out, with style and practicality: this is the MOEZ philosophy interpreted with our Flyer Upstreet1 Custom.



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