Thule Chariot Cab: The multisport trailer with extra space.

Specially designed for busy and dynamic families, the Thule Chariot Cab is an incredibly robust and comprehensive trailer, equipped with[...]

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MOEZ R&M Multitinker Family Pictures_1

Riese & Muller Multitinker: High Load Capacity with Minimal Bulk

The Riese & Muller Multitinker is a LongTail cargo eBike designed for families and urban environments. It is extremely easy[...]

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MOEZ R&M Factory Visit_7

Riese & Muller Factory Visit

A few tens of kilometers from Frankfurt, Germany, picturesque villages surrounded by forests and countryside welcome visitors, where life flows[...]

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Moez Flyer Upstreet1 Pimped_12

Customization by MOEZ: knowing how to stand out, with practicality and style!

Flyer Upstreet1   This model is the perfect commuter bike and we have turned it into an attractive special edition.[...]

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RM_MY2022_Load60 (1)

Moez is proud to be an official Riese & Muller dealer

Riese & Muller was founded in 1993 in a garage. Like Apple, Amazon, Disney and many other successful companies, they[...]

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Children’s Helmets: how to choose the right one.

There is unfortunately no real obligation to wear helmet while riding a bicycle, furthermore we notice many children and young[...]

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Rise Muller Nevo3 GT touring 43 (26_) 500wh MOEZ

Nevo 3 Touring: not just any eBike.

The company, founded in 1993 by Markus Riese and Heiko Müller, has seen a strong and consistent growth for years.[...]

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MOEZ Rebel Kids balance bike_3

Christmas gift ideas for cyclists and more

To help you with your choice, we at Moez have prepared a guide with some useful ideas for alternative and[...]

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3G1A2315 (1)

How to face winter bike riding

Of course, sometimes we find ourselves commenting on one of those images coming from Copenhagen where there is a line[...]

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Thule Chariot: which trailer should you choose for your bike

Given the presence on the market of different systems for fixing the wheel to a frame, you will need to[...]

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