Sales has nothing to do with it, for many years we have been passionate about cargo bikes and we have been keen advocates of their benefits. We believe that they can make lives easier and that many people are still not aware of this.

Parking the car and getting on a bicycle saves time and money, in our opinion this is a simply a fact. Except many of us have transportation needs that aren’t compatible with just any bike. But what if you had a bike which could carry children (even more than two), the weekly shopping (up to 80kg), a gym bag, your dog and anything else that used to go into your trunk?

What if cities began to adapt more and more to the needs of cyclists?
The creation of new bike lanes and cycle paths is growing rapidly, new possibilities are being created and paving the way for the spread of our beloved cargo bikes.

There are different types and styles of cargo bikes and, in this article we will review the main models we deal with.

The Long John style



The queen of cargo, for us the best balance between agility and loading capabilities. Originally from Scandinavia, it has only two wheels, where the front is smaller and the steering is indirect and controlled by a linkage. The cargo bed is located between the rider and the front wheel. On this style of bike the center of gravity is low and the stability is really good. This is the model that we have been selling for the longest time and the LarryVSHarry Bullitt is the model that made us fall in love with the Long John style. It has now evolved as a pedal assist version and has a very well made aluminum frame that makes it easy to ride and is nimble in traffic. If you have two children, the “canopy” accessory is worth considering.

If you have greater transport needs, the Riese & Muller Load 75 may be a good choice.



The Long John category also includes the Riese & Muller Load 75, which features front and rear shock absorbers, offering incredible comfort for the rider and passengers. With its trellis frame, a payload of 200kg and thanks to the powerful cargo line motor from Bosch, the Load 75 is truly a cargo ready for anything. There is a slightly shorter version, the Load 60, in case the cargo requirements are not so important. Finally, it is worth mentioning that on the Load 75 there is room for a third child if needed, by installing a third rearward facing seat inside the body.


The 3 wheels



On a cargo bike, an extra wheel offers more stability and provides more load capacity. There are different styles of tricycles, almost all of them have in common a large front box which is also steered. Often these are very heavy and bulky bikes, ideal if you are moving through pedestrian areas or on flat cycle paths, but they are unwieldy through city traffic. It’s a genre that we never really liked until we found out about the Butchers and Bicycle MK1. It is a true revolution and a gem that blends the best of both worlds. This 3-wheel offers fast cornering thanks to an incredible tilting wheel system. Not for nothing has it been voted the best cargo bike in the world for two years in a row. The Butchers MK1 has great loading capacity and super stability, while maintaining great agility and riding pleasure.


Long Tail

If the need for cargo capacity isn’t that important, perhaps a long tail might be for you. If so, we offer the Riese & Muller Multicharger which is positioned at the top of the category for its design, technical features and extensive accessories. These are traditional style bicycles but with an “elongated” frame at the rear. This particularity makes the luggage rack of a “long tail” adaptable for many different transport needs. The transportable weight is much higher than a traditional bike, so much so that it is possible to carry an adult or two children in tandem, sitting safely on a comfortable rear cushion. If you then add on the solid front rack, this can truly be considered a fully fledged cargo bike.

Do you plan to go on vacation and find it difficult to bring a cargo bike along with you? Perhaps this article may be of interest to you.





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