It is not uncommon to stop in a bar or supermarket, buy a plastic bottle and then maybe reuse it later. But this isn’t exactly optimal for many reasons, starting with the fact that in general, plastic is literally floating away.

Some data, just to understand. According to the WWF every year 396 million tons of virgin plastic are produced on a global scale, of which about 100 million is lost outdoors due to incorrect consumer behavior and a series of gaps in the plastics supply chain. The sea is the most visibly compromised environment: over 80% of marine litter is made up of plastic and it is no longer unusual to witness surreal images of floating islands and garbage of all kinds, even on our beaches.

But let’s get to some positive news: the European Directive on Plastics has banned disposable plastic products and for bottles in particular from 2021, and has set a collection target of 90% by 2025.
And this is just to provide a quick overview of how the issue is increasingly urgent.

If we then think of the continuous proliferation of bacteria that we suffer in reusing a plastic bottle several times, we understand how much cheaper (even in economic terms) it is to use a reusable bottle.

At this point we should have dissolved all doubts and we are ready to buy our bottle of life. But which one to choose?

We take advantage of the valuable advice from Wirecutter, the New York Times product review site that described the Hydro Flask (especially the 621ml Standard) as the best bottle on the market. For what reason? The Hydro Flask was found to be more reliable, versatile and safe.

The external steel casing makes these bottles thermally insulated and this allows for an external temperature equal to the environment. So fill it with your favourite drink and it will stay cold for up to 24 hours or hot for 12. It is made with 18/8 pro-grade stainless steel to ensure pure taste and no flavour transfer. The extra-large size of the spout allows easy insertion of ice and once closed, it passed the hermetic test brilliantly: not even a drip.

The HydroFlask offers a lively range of products with different colors. Also in different sizes, capacities and with interchangeable caps, this make them perfect as a thermos, liquid drink holders and for outdoor activities.

And if there still remains any doubt , just give them a try.




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